Noa Kidron is a Jewish, Israeli potter, who is drawn to nature and is constantly observing and contemplating its textures and shapes. In her works, she debates and explores these facets of nature.  

Noa pottery is an exceptional studio, dedicated to her original art. All of Noa’s artwork is handmade and every piece is one of a kind - representing her belief in the importance of individuality, and her take on pottery being everlasting and undying, in the sense that it leaves a certain “mark” on our world.  

My Special Formula

My artwork is much more than just my passion. It's my exclusive view of the essence of the world around us, which is then made into clay and presented in its most genuine form.

·         The inspiration for my Craters series derives from a unique natural phenomenon –  natural crates formed in the Negev area in southern Israel which possess magnificent combinations of colour. 

·         Natural earth pigments, combined with particular types of clay and uniquely added textures resulting in sculptures that have the appearance of being both naked and exposed, as well as covered and obscured.

In my 20 year career in high-tech, I have witnessed many times that with exceptional vision, one's own talent and the identification of the essence of the realm around us, we are able to convey our experiences, which have not even been named yet, in the most influential manner. That is why I use my inner vision to create – and also to teach others the way to create new pottery artworks.

Welcome to my creative world.

Thank you for your time. I would like to extend an invitation to witness my world, examine my artwork and contact me for additional information.